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personal doctor. and stabilizing the federal reserve, the president is expected to announce that ben bernanke will stay on as fed chairman for another term. will stability from the economy follow that decision? fox 5 morning news at 7:00 continues right now. beautiful shot of the run size this morning. it is tuesday morning, august 25th, 2009 and a nice start to the day, the humidity is down as well. and thanks for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the forecast from tumor, but first also ahead, the debate over health care reform comes to northern virginia as jim moran and howard dean will head up a town hall meeting. we'll be joined by congressman moran ahead this hour. and a lot of stay-at-home moms are get back in the work force but how you can get
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started. we'll look at that in the 8:00 hour. >> and now i promised everybody tucker barnes. what a beautiful morning and sunshine across the area. and today should be a picture- perfect day. a lot of sunshine expected. we're not expecting a shower or thunderstorm activity today. let's get to the satellite radar and show you what is going on ndyou anou see a whole lot of nothing. clouds off the coast and some shower activity off of the carolinas, but that's about it. ahigh ly sunny day as pressure builds ifrom the north and west. even though the temperatures will be warm, it will be comfortable because the humidity will stay at bay for another day. currently 69 degrees. temperatures jumped one degree in the past hour. and winds out of the north and you're pressure is up. mostly sunny skies expected and again, applies on the -- a pleasant afternoon with temperatures in the upper 80s which is where it should be this time of year. we'll have more information on
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the weather and look at the tropics coming up. let's get to julie wright with the latest on our fox 5 on-time traffic. it's busy after university boulevard, and traffic will slow on the top stretch past new hampshire avenue toward silver spring no. accidents, just a stalled car. southbound 95 not looking bad out of laurel. there is a change in the traffic pattern south of 198 part of the icc and you'll find traffic shifted to the left but all lanes are maintained and without delay. no accidents to report on 66, but in the sunshine not only do we slow approaching and passing the interchanges at manassas and 234 but delays at 50 and 123. traffic slows leaving nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. long classes, no classes,
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two classes at once. some of the problems students in suitland faced yesterday. >> scheduling caused chaos for them. details on what officials plan to do today with sarah simmons. >> reporter: they say the matter will be resolved but it's unclear if it will be resolved today. staff members will be here manually putting together the proper scheduled for students. school is set to get underway at 8:30 this morning. but the scheduling mixup affected hundreds and possibly thousands of students across the county. we understand some of the students who showed up here yesterday were directed to the auditorium where they spent nearly the entire school day because they didn't have proper schedules. so didn't have any, and some had classes with a schedule, two for the same time.
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superintendent dr. william hite did confirm the scheduling problem was widespread throughout the county due to a new computer program just in stalled this year, being used to schedule students. one parent said she is very upset about how this was all handled. >> no one gave a legitimate answer as to what was going on. i had to hear it secondhand what was going on. no letters was sent home to parents saying why your child was sitting in those uncomfortable situation and my child was told to return tomorrow and return back to the auditorium, which is unacceptable. >> reporter: now the superintendent did say it was a combination of an i.t. problem with the new system but again they're going to be here manually putting together the proper schedules today. and the superintendent was making a point as well, saying out of the 40,000 high school
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students across the country, the vast imagine of the students were in their proper classes yesterday. we'll see what happens here today. steve and allison, back to you. >> sarah, thank you for that. another big story this morning, the associated press is reporting thatmm's death has been ruled a homicide. the l.a. county coroner apparently made that ruling saying an overdose on a mixture of powerful drugs led to his death. jonathan hunt with the details. >> reporter: michael jackson's death is being ruled a homicide, according to a law enforcement source. a report by the los angeles county coner says the combination of a anesthetic found in his blood likely contributed to his death on june 25th. the law enforcement source also says dr. conrad murray is at the center of the coroner's investigation. he was jackson's personal physicn at the time the pop star died. earlier this month, federal agents raided murray's home and
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offices in las vegas and houston. now in a search warrant unsealed monday in houston, more information on what led to those searches, murray telling investigationors he gave jackson a 25-milligram dose of propofol after injecting him with two sedatives as he attempted to help the pop star sleep. the warrant includes finding from the toxicology report revealing deadly levels of profol in his system. last week dr. murray issued a statement on you tube saying he has been honest throughout the investigation. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth, and i have faith the truth will prevail. god bless you and thank you. >> reporter: and over the weekend, federal agents executing a search and the mickey fine pharmacy in west l.a. looking for prescriptions which could have been used to treat
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jackson. >> we served a federal administrative wrant on this pharmacy. >> reporter: also revealed in the warrant, indications there were other substances in jackson's syste but they are reportedly not to have been a factor in his death. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox 5 news. >> in response to the apparent homicide ruling, an attorney for dr. conrad murray is saying it will not comment on those claims. closer to d.c. this morning, officials in orange county, virginia, approved a plan this morning to build a wal-mart near a famed civil war battled field. the retail store will be built between fredericksberg and cul pupper down the street from the wilderness battlefield despite historians who called the area sacred ground. the president is expected to announce he's nominating ben bernanke to a another term. he'll make the announcement
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from where he and his family are vacationing. he'll praise him for leading the country through the financial crisis. cash for clunkers has run out of gas. the deal is over as far as buyers are concerned. but many dealers are still trying to get through the paperwork. they have at least a few more hours to get reimbursed for the cash for clunkers sales. the government pushed back the filing deadline until noon and now they have more times to submit claims because of problems with the transportation department website. and coming up next, we're looking at the health care reform debate. >> we've seen heated exchanges and tonight we could see one here at home in virginia. we'll talk with jim moran next. and what we could face with the expected strong return of the swine flu this fall. it is now 8 minutes after 7:00. stay with us. more fox 5 morning news coming up.
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the health care reform debate comes to rest in virginia tonight. jim moran will be joined by the former head of the democratic national committee, dr. howard dean. and for more on tonight's town hall meeting we're joined by congressman moran. good morning to you. >> good morning, allison. >> and tonight howard dean will join you from 7:00 to 9:00 in reston at south lakes high school, capacity of about 2500 or so. >> i think we'll fill it. >> you're expected capacity. >> i think we'll fill it. i understand there are some groups bringing buses in and not groups invited by us but they want to participate. it should be full. it's going to affect -- if this bill goes through, it will affect everyone in america. so they should binvolved and express their views.
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>> and you are taking this to the people, 47 million americans, we've heard the statistics, are currently insured, insurance is harder to get. do you think at the basis of the confusion is a misunderstanding about exactly what this reform package would entail. i'm trying to get to why such an impassioned response when so many people are hurting? >> most of the negative response seems it be centers on the public plan option. i don't think people understand that this is just the way medicare operates. it's going to have to pay for itself. it's very much the type of insurance that members of congress have. we've been told for years that why can't we have the insurance you have. well this is pretty much the way it's going to operate. i think that it provides more
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competition into the system. and in many places around the country, you really only have one or two insurance companies that provide insurance for the whole market and so you have very little choice in terms of cost or the restrictions that those insurance companies impose. if you have a public plan option, you will have more competition, you'll be able to see whether you're getting a fair price. i think it's a reasonable thing to do. but there's a lot of misunderstanding, obviously the death panels thing, that never existed, there was no intent to encourage people to pull the plug or whatever. >> where is this misinformation coming from, do you believe? >> you know, allison there are interest groups today that make billions of dollars off the current syst. they can afford to spend millions on lobbyists and those lobbyists then organize thousands of people to come and
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disrupt the meetings. i'm not saying that everyone that comes is encouraged by the groups trying to organize them but some of them is that and some is that its easier to be against something than for something. i remember when the democrats were opposed to social security privatization. it's much more difficult now to explain how this plan would work because it affects everyone, there is a lot of complexities, it is very expensive. but i personally think it's needed. back in 1993, the first time we tried the comprehensive health care reform, the average cost per person was $3,000, now it's about $7,900, almost $8,000. and it's going to double again within the next few years if we don't have some control over the cost. and of course, we're the only industrialized nation that leave it's to insurance companies to determines who gets care and how much care
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they get. every other nation is largely controlled or regulated by the government. >> you're saying that you believe in the public health insurance option and now we've heard more about a co-op of sorts and we've seen the administration pulling back from that public option. what is your opinion about that? how should this administration proceed as far as getting americans on board with this? >> there is nothing wrong with a co-op. most states can do it, and some do, but it's difficult to cover a whole lot of people. and if you want any leverage versus the large private insurance companies, you you've got to have about 500,000 people in that cooperative. individuals have to take the initiative to put it together themselves, have to find a lot of start. there is no profit incentive, so why would anybody invest in it unless it was the government with the public interest in mind, as most of the people who put cooperatives together don't have the money to put the
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equipment and get the best doctors. the i think that -- i think that would be difficult. and post insurance companies don't see it as a threat to their dominance of the market. >> and let me ask, because time is escaping us, but you said you mentioned people bringing loaded firearms today. howard dean will be there too, a very public official along with yourself. and it escapes me as to why that measure would be sought after in a meeting such as this? >> i don't understand it. it's happened in other public town hall meetings. in president obama spoke in new hampshire, there was a guy with a firearm that got very close to him. it makes it difficult for secret service. not that anybody cares whether somebody goes after howard dean, let alone me, but its troublingch i think there is the -- the connection is that people are concerned about government, government's role if their lives, the possible takeover by government of the
7:18 am
health care system and guns is a symbol of individuality, of the freedom to do what you want. of course they're allowed in virginia. but i don't think they make the connection that the veterans administration is government operated, medicare is government operated. many people in this area have a government health insurance, d it works pretty well. but there is this feeling the government is going to have control over my life and that's en as anti-american by many people and guns are kind of -- expressed their patriotism and their individuality. >> well we hope the only story that comes out of this is -- >> i hope so. absolutely. it's not about guns, it's about health care. thanks,al hon. >> and jim moran here with us from the great state of virginia. we'll have the report tomorrow.
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and the meeting is being held at south lake high school and doors open at 6:00 in reston. the seating is first come, first served. over to you. we have a good day going so far today. >> beautiful out there. >> humidity is the key. >> humidity is the key to the forecast. it should be a nice one. temperatures in the upper 80s. a lot of sunshine expected across the area and we'll take a spin around the rest of the country because there is not much happening here. right to the map and our current conditionare featuring ne sushinwith temperatures right now in the upper 60s. we're 69 here in town. but just outside of shthe beltway, temperatures overnigh very comfortable e 5 around here. currently 56 in rochester. look at detroit. 60 degrees. henorth and west. most of the country enjoying seasonal temperature. dod wn ward phoenix it is 55 87 degrees. but fairly quiet conditions
7:20 am
across the country. a little monsoon moisture across portions of new mexico and arizona. and you can see the trouble system in chicago. across the east high pressure building in. so our weather should feature sunshine with highs in the upper 80s and then a warm up tomorrow. highs in the low 90s tomorrow, but no shower or thunderstorm activity over the next couple of days as high pressure will rule the region. there is your five-day forecast. 88 this afternoon, very comfortable again tonight with overnight lows in the 60s. 91 tomorrow and then the showers and thunderstorms return late in the day on thursday and linger friday and saturday with some cooler temperatures by this weekend. leapt's go to on-time traffic and there she is, ms. julie wright as your traveling in montgomery county, authorities are check for a crash along montgomery village avenue traveling between 355 and the exit for 270. 270 itself not looking bad, the lanes are open out of gaithersburg into rockville. 270 on the top side slowing and approaching passing 109.
7:21 am
they checking for the crash along montgomery village avenue between 355 and the exit for 270. meanwhile 395 northbound, no accidents to report. traffic on and off the trip from the beltway up to king street and crossing the 14th street bridge. southbound 28 approaching the toll road, accident activity off the road to the shoulder and lanes are open but traffic slow past the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie thanks. 7:29 right. the latest on the plans to fight a stronger outbreak of the swine flu. coming up next. and also coming up, the latest on the return to michael vick to the nfl. he is eligible to play, but will he suit up. and get away without leaving your driveway. holly is showing us how a few st ca make a staycation at home feel like a world away, coming up.  dude, your shirt.
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maryland officials announce the 7th swine flu death in the state. governor o'malley says budget cuts could affect the ability of the state and local governments to respond to a swine flu outbreak. a presidential plan is predicted -- panel is predicting 20% of the population will suffer symptoms with up to 1.8 million people hospitalized. they estimate the virus could affect between 30 and 90,000 -- could lead to between 30 and 90,000 deaths, concentrated among children and young adultsch the vaccine will not be available until mid-october when it is expected to be in full swing. tonight we'll learn whether michael vick will make his debut. teammates say he looks ready to go. easel anal --he's -- easel
7:26 am
edgible to play the preseason game. word is bernie madoff has pancreatic cancer. he talked about cancer all of the time and is not doing well according to a prison inmate. but he has not been diagnosed and is not terminally ill. he is serving 150 years after conning investors out of billions of dollars. up next on fox 5 morning news, we're checking our top stories. >> plus examining the impact of community colleges. president obama says they could be one of the keys to turning around our recession. we'll take a closer look at the break. 
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our top stories this morning. president obama is expected to announce today he is nominating ben bernanke to serve as a second term of the federal reserve. he will make the announcement from martha vineyard. sources says the president considers him key to prevent another meltdown. he was appointed by george w. bush and took over the sition
7:30 am
in february of 2006. top republicans are troubled with attorney general eric holders decision to probe the interrogation tactics during president bush's war on terror. they said that investigation could hamper u.s. intelligence efforts and could expose c.i.a. officials to charges of criminal abuse. and they plan to move responsibly for detainee questioning to the fbi. and nasa will try again to launch the shuttle discovery. weather stopped a liftoff today. odds are good about 70% it will launch. the shuttle is loaded with supplies, including a $5 million treadmill named after steven colbert. somehow the $5 million part got lost on me before when we talked about the space treadmill. >> after your good interview
7:31 am
with the astronauts in virginia. >> how important it is to exercise in space. >> i had no idea about that. >> $5 million. >> because it's important because they lose bone mass. tucker barnes is joining us with the weather and the bus stop forecast. >> i get a lot of compliments with the school bus. >> it's a hoop ty. >> yes. >> and sunny and comfort, less humidity. it will feel great. temperatures in the low 70s. 69 at the last look at reagan national. sunrise this morning at 6:31. a good looking day. already a lot of sunshine across the area and it only gets better from here. highs today in the mid to upper 0s but the humidity will stay in check for another couple of days so nothing to complain about out there. 65 at this hour in baltimore. 61 in frederick. look at winchester. still 59 degrees. so temperatures really cooling off overnight. i hope you had a chance to save money on air-conditioning and
7:32 am
you can do it again tonight as temperatures will once again be falling back into the middle 60s overnight. not much happening on our satellite radar this morning. very quiet conditions. our frontal system from yesterday is off the coast and high pressure will build in here. notice out into ohio and indiana, nothing but clear skies so high pressure will push through the area. so nice today, hot tomorrow. plenty of sunshine again tomorrow but highs push into the low 90s. let's get down to the tropics. north of lee ward island, here is puerto rico and north and east, this is an area of disturbed weather. nothing at this hour, but there are indications this could become another tropical depression, perhaps a tropical storm named danny. and the reason i show it to you, is there s some indication that the computer models want to pull this up toward the mid-atlantic in the weekend. it's possible it could impact our weather this weekend or the beaches off to the east into saturday and sunday. so we'll see what happens with that. our forecast through the day is
7:33 am
a good one. mostly sunny skies. nice afternoon and high temperature of about 88 degrees. and i mention the 90s tomorrow. thursday, friday and saturday the clouds come back with a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms and some schooler temperatures by this weekend. highs about 80 or so. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. this weather is perfect for everybody. >> yes. >> including me. i love it too. >> it's all about you, tucker barnes. >> it should be. i work i -- the weather department. >> maybe i should work in the weather department. gridlock in rockville. no accidents to report. lanes open. checking for a crash along montgomery village between 255 and 270, empty handed there. but again the interstate itself slow rolling south of 124 toward 370. southbound 28 before the toll road, the accident activity off the road to the shoulder so
7:34 am
lanes are open, the traffic rubbernecking past the scene. inbound bladensberg road, more delays from north capitol street to the third street tunnel. inbound 50 in buoy, a crash, ayo the right to get by. on the outer loop of the beltway at 95 college park, in the middle of the six lane stretch we received word of a stalled car. a mellow in the middle of the road changing a flat tire. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. president obama is a big booster of community colleges, calling for a $12 billion investment over the next decade and that's good for those who plan on enrolling. nearly half of them receive some sort of financial assistance. whether the incentive is low cost, retraining or convenience, what is drawing millions of americans to community colleges? let's learn more now as we are joined by dr. brian johnson, the president of montgomery college. thanks for joining us morning.
7:35 am
>> delighted to be here. >> enrollment in montgomery county, are you seeing more people signing up in community college? >> we are seeing more people. when you compare our numbers to last year at this time, we have about a 12% increase over last year, which is an incredible increase when you think of a college that has 60,000 students, 24,000 plus enrolled in credit hour classes. so this is an enormous surge for us. we still have openings for students who are undecided and we still have a place for them to come and it's right here in their own backyard. >> and first of all, people might not realize that montgomery college has 60,000 student which is probably more than the biggest four year college out there right now. but that is the question. wi all of the people signing up, people still want to attend or take sources, are those opportunities still available or do you have to turn people away? >> the opportunities are available. the enrollment increase wears on our facilities and we've
7:36 am
been fortunate in that we've had tremendous support from our county and from the state, so we have new facilities, we have the capacity to take in more students. our faculty are eager with the start of the new semester and we look forward to enrolling as many students as wcan possibly accommodate. >> i read somewhere that the average student that enrolls in a community college is actually well into their 20s and in their late 20s. are you seeing students of all ages signing up and has that changed at all in the last year or so. >> the average age is 26, but we have a traditional student body that comes directly from the high school and so on. the group that is older tend to be students who in this economy need to rebound from the recession. so we have students that come in. for example, we had a gentleman just graduated last year, 41 years old, had spent his career minute manufacturing industry, decided to recareer and
7:37 am
redirect and wents into h vac. he was working 12-hour days, and last time i saw him i said how is the world of h-vac and he said we're chilling. [ laughter ] >> covering all bases there with his response. have you seen any changes in the trend over the last year? are you seeing perhaps more on the older age of the students that are enrolling now? >> well what we're seeing is the great emphasis on montgomery college as a first choice. when people think of community colleges, they have a tendency to think it's for students who didn't get the option they wanted for a four-year institution. what is happening now is we are being identified as the best option for students and we're a great, affordable option. and if i could quote warren buffet, who says, price is what you get, but value is what you -- price is what you pay for, value is what you get. so we're finding there is a
7:38 am
great appreciation for the value of our community college experience. >> with more and more students that you need to take care of, it puts a little bit of a strain on the facility. the president has been a supporters of community colleges and he is pledging to put money out there to help community colleges all over the country. have you seen any of that yet, or do you have any idea when you might? >> that money hasn't begun to flow yet. we think it's about a year away. we're encouraged by the opportunity to refurbish buildings which is part of the obama initiative. there is an opportunity for -- there is a challenge really for community colleges to help produce 5 million new gradates by 2020 and a great emphasis on online education and we're poised at montgomery college to be in a great position to receive some of that funding. >> it sounds if what you're saying now, that 5 million across country may be a reachable goal. >> it is a reachable goal and something that we need to boost the economy. >> and for folks considering
7:39 am
their options right now as to what to do, do you see quite a number of montgomery college graduate that's go on to a four- year college? >> we transfer over 4,000 students ayear to a four-year college and universities that go across the country to some 49 of our 50 united states. so transfers are a big part of what we do. 60% of the students coming to us identify transfer as a goal and we help them achieve that. >> well best wishes both in securing more finances. demand is a good thing when it comes to education. dr. brian johnson from montgomery college, thanks for joining us. allison. it is 7:38 right now. 69 degrees on this tuesday morning. and coming up next on fox 5 morning news, money is apparently no object when it comes to having a final resting place close to a hollywood legend. how much is being offered for the crypt above marilyn monroe up next. and for the redskins, its battle of the backup is getting heated up. the latest on the figh to bte he the number three quarterback. that's next. stay with us. ♪
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angeles is going for around $4.6 million. a total of 11 bidders offered at least that much now have a few more hours to make their final offer. the crypt was auctioned off by its current occupant's widow who needs money to pay off the more than $1 million mortgage on her beverly hills home. she plans on moving her husband next to the one he rests in which the family also owns. so she wins either way. >> i don't understand that. you're paying $11 million to have eattorney aft -- have to eternal rest next to marilyn monroe. >> right above here. >> well good to know. moving on to weather. the conditions here should be fantastic this afternoon. looking at bright sunshine and low humidity. this is going to be a nice afternoon with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. there is your satellite radar. nothing happening. look at that, very, very quiet conditions out there.
7:44 am
we do have light shower activity off the carolina coast but that won't impact us here he washingn and off t t north and west, clear skies. so high pressure will move in today and that ath atd will giv great looking today. temperatures 69 degrees. pittsburgh is 58 and cincinnati, 69. dry air off to the north and west. and that will be the team around here and wind -- that will be the theme around here today. and we'll have sunshine and very nice conditions and so you'll see plenty of blue in the afternoon forecast. here is your five-day forecast, high temperature 88 degrees. cool again tonight, or cool enough. 69 here in town. mid-60s outside of the beltway. and then getting hot tomorrow. 91. cooler by the end of the week. >> 90 degrees? fallround the corner. and rail to deal with. let's check in with julie wright. >> we have to bottle this up
7:45 am
for the next couple of months. we'll have out the gloves and scarves and we'll be missing the 88-degree weather. >> that's what vacation is for. >> amen to that. the lanes are open at 70, rockville heavy, slow and steady toward the split. so 270 is slowing in separate stretches approaching and patsing 109. delays in germantown south of 118 toward montgomery village avenue and then the slowdown out of rockville toward the split. all of the lanes here are open. no accidents to report, 395 across the 14th street bridge. traffic volume though heavy and slow from the beltway to king street, boundary channel drive over the potomac and inbound route 50 in maryland is where we had the crash at 197, left side of the road is blocked with delays out of buoy. authorities are checking for a crash westbound 470 at the plaza. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. as the preseason winds down for the redskins, one of the
7:46 am
battles to watch is for quarterback. number three quarterback. right now jason campbell and todd colins are set as number one and two number on the depth chart and that means either colt brennan or rookie chase daniel, who was shining on saturday, could be the odd man out. he was a rookie and had a debut leading the redskins to a come from behind win. and jam bell is completing less than 50% of the passes but he's not blaming anybody but himself. >> i was trying to squeeze one in and get a touchdown and i got greedy and got picked. so right now -- last year i wasn't playing flawless football but my stats were awesome. this year my stats aren't that great. you only get so many opportunities in preseason. i have two more opportunities coming up, and i have to make sure to capitalize on the next two opportunities. >> and coach jim zorn snan will
7:47 am
brennan will play friday night against the patriots. campbell will play the first half of the game. meantime the future stars of the nfl get set to kick off this weekend. that means its time to bring backhe game of the week. head to and choose from the matchups. friendship, colleate and dunbar. we'll broadcast the winning game friday night at 5:00 and have extended highlights on voting ends thursday at noon. it's hard to believe it's already high school football. >> and one quick question, do they announce who is third quarterback or is it just sort of who you see in the game? >> three of them make the team. the fourth one plays golf. >> got you. 7:47 right now. the last-minute summer getaway could be waiting outside your door holly, good morning. >> reporter: literally outside
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your door. we're being transported via fruits and vegetables and plowers. we're talking staycation decoration. what it is and how you can do ive next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. the art of getting dirty.
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get out. very good, sir. [ jazz band playing "anchoh" aweig ] [ ship horn blows ]
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calling all want to be rock stars. you have less than a week to sign up for the fox rocks contest. just go to the website and up load your favorite song. the winner will appear on fox 5 morning news and store a 3 minute free video. just go to our website for all of the details. as summer winds down you might look for a last-minute chance to get away from it all. >> but that doesn't mean you need to leave your own home. this morning holly is finding out how to create your staycation and it helps if you have a backyard like you are. >> reporter: this is so gorgeous, i could vacation right here. we are live at the carl i'll house -- arl lyle house in old town. we're going to learn maybe how
7:52 am
to make our own homes into a resort. but we'll do it with the help of laura dowling because she's a per ocean trained floral designer. tell me about yourself. >> thank you. it's great to be here with you. i taken expiration from -- inspiration from floral design in paris. and it's elegant and fresh and they make the bouquets very special. >> reporter: well let's get started. and you're starting with perhaps a trip to the farmer's mark. >> that's right. this time of year it's really ju spir -- inspirational. and you can find everything you need for a party. the fruits and vetables and flowers are in season. everything is locally grown and in season. >> reporter: these look magnificent and look like something a high end designer
7:53 am
would do but if you take a closer look, they aresimple and something we could do. this is my favorite here. it's a bellpepper on the bottom and tomatoes never looked good. >> that's right. and can't you imagine this on a cocktail table for an italian themed party to have them lined up. >> reporter: and therein lies our vacation. and look at these brusel sprouts. >> they are so cutes and when you're making a bouquet in a monochrome attic tone, so here i'm using arta choke, just wrapped in a glass vase with halla pino peppers. and if you were having a vegetarian party, allison, this would be great for you. and show me a little bit how to
7:54 am
go about making something because sometimes if i tried to put that together, i'm not sure it would turn out like that. >> so you have a basket of flowers and we're going to make this cabbage bouquet. so hold that in your hand. you're right handed, so hold that in your left hand. i'm going to do the opposite. and then you take your sea thistle and add it in on the diagonal. and you'll mix in flowers and foalage. this is bee balm from the farmers market. >> reporter: it is very fragrant. >> and make sure and hold it like this. >> reporter: on the diagonal. >> and give it a half turn or a quart turn and just keep adding the cabbage and the bee balm. >> reporter: so as your adding, you can't totally make a
7:55 am
mistake but it's about how you about doing the structure to keep it all together? >> you want to keep it a round shape and that's why you're turning it a quarter turn. you can see how it comes together very quickly. >> it does come together pretty quickly. and what vacation are we on now. i'm not supposed to draw another cabbage yet. >> the bouquet, this is the ornamental kale cabbage but it's south of france. >> reporter: we have less than 30 seconds so how would we wind it altogether here. >> we'll finish off with some green foliage and we'll find it where we're holding it and then cut the ends. >> reporter: you use this little thing and wind it tight? >> wind it around there and then we'll cut it and trim it and then you're finished. >> reporter: and if you want to find out more about what we're doing here, go to
7:56 am
we have a link to laura's website as well as the carlisle house. in the next hour we'll continue to create and travel, two of my favorite things. >> good stuff, holly, thank you. it turns out actor robin williams won't be playing susan boyle. it was reported that the comedian was approached to play the scottish singer in an upcoming bio pick, but according to ms, reps say that report is not true. not true at all. and can you see why it would be insulting. it's like ms. doubt fire again. >> but he did that again. >> but if you were a lady, would you want a dude portraying you? >> well he's not going to do it. susan boyle has competition. another you tube sensation
7:57 am
after simon cowell gave him a standing ovation. >> and if something happens to me, don't you let them have a dude play me. and here him sing. and more moms going back to work. we'll have more steps to take on the transition from home to work is a smooth one. and the story you saw first on fox, sky high pepco bills and now we might know what is behind it. stay tuned. we'll be right back. >> okay, danzel washington can play me. >> no. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
usually police search for suspects but today they are searching for more possible victims. this as after a man is arrested of holding a little boy against his will in a store bathroom. and then it's back to school time, but for some prince george's county students day one did not include any classes. more on the scheduling screwup and the plans to fix it. and then the obama administration now says the swine flu poses a serious health threat. new numbers show patients could fill up every icu bed. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey.
8:01 am
>> and i'm allison seymour. then move over susan boil. >> that was single-handedly the best first edition i've ever heard. >> wow! an audition for the x factor, the britain version of american idol, simon shocked by the talent of one young singer. we'll hear from him and hear him perform coming up this hour. >> i can't wait. and there is robin williams on the panel. >> what a crazy world. >> simon is throwing out the compliments more and more. >> maybe it's the $200 million contract that makes him happier. >> i would be happy too. >> we'll hear that guy sing. >> i'll give you compliments either way. >> and the other day you said i could be miss univseer >> and sei meant that. w>> and ti he reshsth ould . l . nt awbelel d not a be buantiful chance fuof a thundersrmtoto. d y thunderstorm today. there is your satellite radar,
8:02 am
and we have nothing happen and light showers over the carolina astut look at that, not even a cloud across the mid- atlantic at this moment. and mostly sunny throughout today and warm. our average daytime high now is in the mid-80s. 85 degrees and a high temperature in the upper 80s. so warmer than it should be. 72 now. so starting the process of warming up. we bottomed out in the pper 50s overnight. humidity 78%. winds with light. pressure is up and the forecast is up. mostly sunny skies, pleasant afternoon, and high temperature of 88 and no rain or thunderstorm activity today. and i'll have changes in our forecast tomorrow. we'll be hot. more on that coming up. >> hotter than 88. all right. we'll be ready. thanks. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. hi, julie. >> our traffic commute has taken a attorney and not for the good. a serious crash southbound
8:03 am
baltimore washington parkway. most callers say traffic is blocked before reaching 197 and park police aawaiting the arrival of a med evac helicopter. they will shut down the parkway in each direction and that means traveling to and from baltimore, take alternate routes. take 95 or route 1 or 129 but avoid the bw parkway until the situation has been resolved. meanwhile southbound on 270, out of rockville, heavy. out in buoy, accident activity should be out on the shoulder. southbound branch avenue at beach, accident activity blocking the southbound lanes. better picture, fox hall road coming inbound into georgetown georgetown, all lanes are open, no accidents to report. gw parkway slowing at 123 and the closer to the potomac bridges. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
8:04 am
time traffic. well watching movies, listening to music and dancing and not what you would expect on the first day of class. one student will remember it that way. students will arrive soon as sarah simmons joins us live with an update. >> reporter: good morning, allison, students with here as early as 7:30 this morning to avoid the schedule mixup that we talked about from yesterday morning. now the superintendent is -- did admit there was a scheduling issue and said that this is entirely unacceptable and blames a computer software program that's new this year that they have been using to make the schedules. he says if was -- it was a combinati an it problem and it was quite a mess yesterday.
8:05 am
students were sent to the auditorium where many spent nearly the entire day figuring out what was going on. i spoke with a freshman who got here earlier just to avoid another mixup today. >> it was kind of -- people started to get happy they couldn't go to their classes because they didn't have their schedules or they didn't know how to make asa schedule. and it started to have chaos inside the auditorium. >> reporter: now the school superintendent says they are working to fix this problem as quickly as they can. looking into the computer system. in the meantime, we understand staff members are here and going to be putting together the proper schedules manually. something that will take time and something they're going to be doing possibly in the auditorium. so it could be another rough day. we're waiting to see, but hopefully things will be smoother on the second day here than they were yesterday.
8:06 am
allison. >> all right. we can hope for that. sarah simmons, live from suitland. a busing mixup left parents of a 5-year-old panicked. en grace philemon went to the wrong bus and sparked a frantic search. here is how the day care explains what happened. >> we got a phone call saying do we have any children that were not supposed to be here and at the time it was chaotic, first day of kids coming back and we told them we didn't and at 6:30, the child was still here and at that point we figured out looking through our records this was a child we were not supposed to have. >> well after that happened, when vansville elementary called the other day care, they were told they didn't provide her name so the teachers didn't think to do a roll call. grace's mother slipped a note had her backpack reading take my child to kinder care. frightening moments for a
8:07 am
boy in a fairfax county store. a stranger there held him against his will. steven liggon followed a 9-year- old boy into the bathroom. its boy told his father the man tried to keep him in the restroom. he was not touched or hurt. he was arrested on his home on sunday in alexandria. police say parents should stay with their kids when they go to a public bathroom. >> it's not that much of an inconvenience to go in with them. and if you're not going to go in, go in and check the room first and make sure it's empty and stand by the door. >> he is a registered sex offender. he's been charged with abduction with intent of civil liberties. anybody who might have had contact with him should call authoritied. a man accused of attempting to a meet a teenage girl. it's not clear what happened with the girl, but we do know
8:08 am
he is charged with using a communication device to facilitate certain offenses involving children when she ran away to see him. it has happened again. maryland officials announcing the 7th swine flu death in the state. latest victim is said to be an elderly person with serious underlying conditions. the exact details are not released. a panel is predicting the virus could cause as many as 30,000 to 90,000 deaths in the u.s. most of them would involve children and young adults. 20-40% of the u.s. population will suffer swine flu systems this fall with up to 1.8 million hospitalized. the vaccine is not expected to be ready until mid-october. we've heard and seen some of t town hall meetings and it is set to happen here
8:09 am
tonight. howard dean and the governor are expected to host a town hall meeting tonight. congressman moran joined us to -- us this morning. >> most of the attention is focused on the public plan operation. this is the way medicare operates. it will have to pay for itself. it's very much the type of insurance that members of congress have. we've been told for years that, why can't we have the insurance you have. well this is pretty much the way it's going to operate. >> tonight's town hall meeting is being held at south lakes high school in reston and scheduled to go from 7:00 until 9:00. the doors are opening at 6:00. seating is on a first come first serve basis. the president is expected to make a announcement about a
8:10 am
crucial role in his administration. he's appointing ben bernanke to take on a second time. he'll make the announcement from martha's vineyard where he and his family are vacationing. he'll praise bernanke for the help in the financial crisis. the president played tennis with first lady michelle obama on their vacation in martha's vineyard. sky fox is following breaking news. more information on a situation that julie had mentioned. we learned a u.s. park police officer has been struck by a vehicle on the bw parkway. this is in the southbound lanes of the bw parkway near route 197. we don't have any details on the officer's condition at this point but as soon as we find out we'll let you know. julie wright will let us know how to get around the scene if you're getting into the area,
8:11 am
southbound on the bw parkway and we'll let you know more about the condition of this u.s. park police officer who was struck by a car a short time ago. and then you see the response by police and also see the backup there on the southbound lanes of the bw parkway. more on this situation coming up and again we'll check in with julie wright in a few minutes. it's ten minutes past the hour on this tuesday morning and there are also knee de -- into the death jackson and it could land his doctor behind bars. and today shuttle discovery is still sitting on the launch pad. so find out why the launch has been delayed. and more moms are going back to work, so we'll have more on the steps to go from the transition to home to work and make sure it's a smooth one for you as well. that's coming up right after this. ♪
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8:14 am
it is 8:14 right now. the cry facing a crim probe for what the justice department
8:15 am
calls harsh andin humane interrogation tactics during the bush administration, violating anti-torture laws. michael jackson's death has been ruled a homicide. the l.a. county coroner says a fatal combination of drugs was given to the pop star hours bere h died. dr. conrad murray says he was treating jackson for insomnia but he could face criminal charges. l.a. police department is investigating him already for manslaughter. nasa is going to try tonight and early tomorrow morning to launch the shuttle discovery. blastoff was supposed to happen after midnight but was postponed because of concerns due it a thunderstorm. the shuttle will take seven astronauts to the space station, loading with supplied including the treadmill named for steven colbert. they're going to try at around 1:00 a.m.
8:16 am
and speaking of weather, let's check in with tucker barnes. >> i have trouble paying the $60 for the gym each year, let alone millions of dollars for al treadmill. >> i have better news, the cuteness factor. >> i promise this child is worth millions. time now for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> you are right. >> this is aiden. >> say it allison, he could be a model baby. >> thiis aiden after his first hair cut. >> i always say they could be model, but he looks like a gap ed. >> he is cute. to send us your child's picture and get compliments from coison, go to >>k looat those cheeks. >> and click on he tor ng tab. a good looking morning for you aiden to head out to the ayp lotand do some just about perfect conditions
8:17 am
t rinow. at reagan national. off tothe north and west, pittsburgh is 60 and cincinnati wa caer pe , erhape hatteras 80 degrees. er and if you like the summertime heat and humidity, get into the carolinas because around here we're going to be warm but not too humid. it should be a nice looking afternoon for us. let's see what we have on the satellite radar. and very quiet conditions. clouds up in canada, clouds off the coast but nothing here in washington. bright sunshine expected throughout the day and high temperatures in the upper 80s. our average daytime high right now is 85 degrees. so warmer than average. we'll be hot tomorrow with highs in the low 90s. clouds increase with a chance of a scatters shower or thunderstorm by thursday and then a better chance friday and saturday and cooler temperatures by this weekend. highs only about 80. that will do it for the weather. quick look at your forecast and fox 5 on-time traffic. there is a u.s. park police officer struck on the bw parkway. he has been thrown out to shock trauma in baltimore.
8:18 am
that means there is an investigation on going. there was the med ac helicopter called to the scene and these are live pictures from sky fox. southbound baltimore-washington parkway before reaching 197. we're not sure what he was doing out on the highway, but we do know he was struck and he's been flown out to shock trauma. southbound parkway traffic diverted out at 197 and now jammed between powder mill road. that is not working well for you at all at this time as an if alternate. delays starting to stack up at 32. heads up traveling southbound out of baltimore, bail out early. 95 route 129, all viable options at this time. callers it will me westbound 198 over to 95 is also a good alternative and traffic jammed right now and not moving. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway approaching 197, so we have a stretch of traffic that's just stuck here until they can figure out how they are going to get them off of the highway. but in the meantime, all
8:19 am
traffic coming southbound will be diverted off at the exit for 197. northbound lanes are open but traffic is slowing single file to the right from greenbelt road. now it looks like they're trying to turn the traffic stuck between the exits, trying to make them u-turn through the median and head back northbound on the washington baltimore parkway so trying to bleed out some of the traffic struck between the accident scene and 197 but traffic coming southbound, better to bail out as early as possible with delays beginning at 32. options include 95, route 1 and 29. northbound traffic gridlocked. a quick peek at everybody else. top stretch of the beltway and slow going on college park into silver spring. 66 slow east toward vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
8:20 am
time traffic. it's 8:19 right now on this tuesday morning. the battlefield -- the batsle over the battlefield. we'll tell you about that one. wal-mart is going there next to a historic grounds but we'll have more on steps to take to transition from the home to work if you were once a stay-at home-mom. then it might be late to take a summer vacation, but you can take a staycation. holly joins us and tells us how to make your home into a vacation. stay with us. explain.
8:21 am
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fo x 5 is helping you get that job. >> we are featuring a job of the day . from our b joshop every d during this hour. a,us looking for an application developer in vienna, virginia. salary starts at $50,000 and esup to 70,000. for more on hob jisnd at many others go to and click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. and more and more moms are looking for jobs now. so how do you get -- how do you make the transition from bibs to briefcases. did you like that? allison knows the answer. she did it and she started and
8:24 am
founded mom core and she's here to tell us about it. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was encouraged about the story about what was in the back of your head from your own mom and those words have never been truer. keep your toe in the water. >> absolutely. my mom was one of those people who stayed at home with us as kids and needed to get back to a full time job and it was very difficult for her at first. and so when i started in my career and many my children, i realized that i really wanted to make sure that i remained current and yet still didn't want to work a traditional full time job. so i made my own path. >> and other mothers were encouraged by that. and you help mothers make that transition from home to back to work. >> exactly. there are so many people out there who do want to work. but they want to be able to
8:25 am
have time for their families as well. and so i decided that there were companies who were also looking for talented folks and i would match the two together. >> and there are tips to do it. it's hard for people out of work in general and now if you have the holes in your resume and you're not sure about how to get started, mom corp is probably a good company to tap into to make the transition. >> absolutely. >> it started in 2005 and who -- what is the specific type of mother or woman who is ready to go back? is this a financial decision, the kids are older? who is this for? >> it's for anybody. the way the economy is there are many financial reason that's either its husband lost their job or they're seeing what is going on around them and they're saying i would like to make sure that i'm helping the family in case this happens. it could be for a mother whose children have gotten to school and chef some time available in the middle of the day or it could be for the mother whose kids are now grown and she is
8:26 am
really ready to get back full time. so it all depends on the stage that we're in from a financial or personal perspective. >> and let's talk about the real tips to get back in. first of all, you say this is a family decision. talk it over with your spouse. >> absolutely. you will not be successful if your family is not supporting you. if they're used to you running all of theer rands and making breakfast lunch and dinner, they won't work. >> and you say get childcare and get your ducks if a row. >> you need to get everything set up before you go back to work. you need to have those things lined up. >> and you said you need training. how do you train to get back into the work force. >> there are certain fields that you need to brush up on
8:27 am
new regulations or skills that are out there. but just general skills, you need to make sure you know microsoft office products and all of the technologies that out there. there is tons of courses you could take at local community colleges or different things like that. >> we're out of time, but besides updating your resume, get your wardrobe updated you. >> you don't want to put on a suit that was ten years old and doesn't fit. >> you need to look professional. >> well allison ocollie, thank you very much. if you want to get back into e work force, you have a reference. 8:27 right now. the battlefield bat st. louis over. find out if wal-mart will be able to build a store next to a battlefield site in virginia. and the president is taking a break from his vacation to
8:28 am
get work done. >> reporter: taking a break from his break. making an announcement in martha's vineyard. i'm doug luzader and we'll have the latest on that coming up. that's why purina fit & trim is specially formulated... with high-quality protein, including delicious real chicken, to help him maintain lean muscle and a healthy weight, so he can make the most of every day. long live your buddy. long live your dog. purina fit & trim. ♪ enjoy one of life's... little pleasures. ♪ yoplait has a sweetly satisfying taste... and creamy texture... that you can't resist. yoplait. in 25 delicious flavors.
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it is so good.
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it's 80:00 now. 72 degrees. looking at stories making headline this is morning. howard county saw it's first murder of the year and the accused killer is 87 years old. he's charged with second-degree murder. police say he beat a men in the head. the victim was 91 years old. national insurance crime bureau study finds the 1996 honda cord tops the list of the most stolen vehicles in maryland and virginia. in d.c., the most stolen is a 2000 dodge vera van. many older rides are popular with thieves because of the value in parts. officials in orange county virginia approved a plan to build a wal-mart near a famed civil war battle feed.
8:32 am
the retail store will be built between fredericksberg and culpeper, just down the road from the historic wilderness battlefield. despite opposition from historians and preservation groups who call it sacred ground. >> it's 8:31 right now. we want to check in with tucker and got a look at our forecast for this tuesday. so far so good into we have sunshine across the area. >> lower humidity. here is puerto rico down here but the hurricane center interested in this because it may become a hurricane and toward the atlantic. and the next storm will become danny and we'll e seif this doesn't become danny. nothing at this hour. washington looking great. day starting off with plenty of sunshine and low humidity. and the forecast this afternoon eooks great. wetee atavermpures currently in the cuexer seminhse te me int 60s and 70s. 68 in baltimore. eder k. th
8:33 am
ere is a look at your satellite radar. . rs of nothing hapni vequiet. sunshine will rule the day. highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. hot tomorrow. no shower or thunderstorm activity expected today. here is your forecast, mostly sunny skies expected, a face afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 80s. about 88 degrees with winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. that will do it for weather. let's get right to raffic and julie wright has been busy. we heard that a police officer was struck on the southbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway in the vicinity of 197, south of the exit. med evac has transported that officer to shock trauma in baltimore. no word on the person's injuries at this time, but we do know there is an investigation on going. sky fox was there not too long ago and a lot of equipment on the scene. southbound baltimore-washington parkway south of 197.
8:34 am
traffic is jammed from the 432 southbound into laurel. all traffic right now is cording to authorities is being diverted off at 197. that is jammed from mt. pellyer over to the exit at powder mill road. traveling this morning between baltimore and d.c., you do not want to commit the beltway washington parkway. take your alternates which include, route 95, route 1 and 29. northbound, traffic is able to squeeze by by single file. northbound traffic slow from the balt and the alternates include 95, route 1 and 29. traffic being diverted off at 197 in laurel, alternate routes a better alternate right now to avoi parkway. lanes are open westbound on 50 approaching 197 and buoy. traveling the top stretch, outer loop jammed from college park past colesville road through silver spring.
8:35 am
eastbound 66, heavy, slow and steady from nutley street to the beltway. northbound 123 before nutley, that's where we have a crash. follow police direction to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. president obama taki a quick break from his vacation today. at 9:00 a.m. he'll announce that bed bernanke is being appointed to a second term. the decision is likely to have an impact on the market today. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: the president will tand by fed chairman ben bernanke and the white house hopes it will give the market a shot of confidence. the president seemed happy to spend his vacation playing golf. and just yesterday, the white house said nothing else was planned. but this morning, the president is leaving the links behind. he'll announce that fed chairman ben bernanke will stick around for a second four- year term. the timing was somewhat unexpected because his current term doesn't expire for another five months. >> i was sort of surprised that
8:36 am
the announcement came so soon. this isn't a decision the president had to make. i think he wants to reassure the financial markets. they like ben bernanke. >> and it is timed to hit before the markets open. but the white house seems eager to change the subject from health care reform and democrats are bracing for what could be bruising mid term elections and a jolt to the markets would be welcome news. >> i think the major factor going into the next election will be people's feeling with respect to the economy, how are they doing, have we begun to turn the corner? >> but while many credit bernanke's risky strategies for turning the economy around, other have questioned his actions before and during the recession. >> let's not forget, he was the fed chairman at the time the stock market collapsed and we had the great financial crisis. >> and bernanke hopes to remain the chairman through a recovery that may already be underway. >> reporter: and this announcement is just a start of
8:37 am
the process. he will once again had to be confirm bid the senate and will probably face some tough questions. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> dow futures up about 60 points this morning. and jessica beale may be beautiful but her last name is dangerous. and a story you first saw on fox. sky high pepco bills maybe affected you last summer. now we may know what is behind it. y astwith us. we'll be back with the story and more. it's now 8:36. hello?
8:38 am
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two pepco contractors are recovering after a flash fire rippedthrough an underground electrical bo. the man were removing cable when one of them was shocked by a live wire. it set off a fire through the underground bolt. one of the workers burned so badly he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, the other suffered smoke inhalation. who is the most dangerous celebrity. we don't mean packing heat. but according to mcafee, some stars are bad to your computer. when it comes to your online search, jessica beale is more
8:41 am
likely to led to viruses, followed by jaster anniston and tom brady. and vandalism at a local school. details coming up next. our high school game of the week is back. vote for your favorite matchup as we'll be live at the winning game on friday. here is your choices. to vote, go to click on the sports tab and make sure that you get your votes in by thursday at noon. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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hello? (woman 2) in here... well, this is new... i'm working on my digestive health. whatcha eatin'? yoplus. it's a yogurt for digestive health. it's delicious. here...blackberry pomegranate. honey, i can't find my hand. nnouncer) yoplus and new yoplus light have the special combination of... fiber plus... special cultures... plus the delicious taste of yoplait. we are continuing to follow more breaking news texas time in virginia. and there you can see some racist graffiti left in a parking lot at a school in manassasvirginia. sky fox over the scene right now. this is at a school in manassas. it is st. clair elementary school on garner drive.
8:45 am
and they just found this this morning. the school is not in session in manassas. not going to start until september 8th. so no students there. >> but out there indeed is prince william county officials, school officials with risk management with the school. also security services. they've been contacted and are involved and no kids are in school. and no further information is available at this time, but they are looking into this matter. >> that is st. clair elementary school in manassas, virginia. it is pepco versus the people's council and you're bill is caught right smack in the middle. hundreds of customers called fox 5 to investigate significant increases in their heating bills last winter. some of those bills doubled, other tripled. pepco's response was to blame it on a colder than average winter and longer billing cycles. the oice of the people's council took it a step farther and looked at 400 complaints and says 43% of the complaints boiled down to faulty meters.
8:46 am
>> the data suggests that it may be a problem. the meter is a sensitive subject with pepco because that's a big revenue stream. but it's also an issue of integrity and public trust. >> now pepco says there is no basis for the council's report. pep would claims out of the 234 account records it provided, only two of those had meter issues. showing you a developing story. the president and his family vacationing in massachusetts at martha's vineyard. but there it looks like he's back to work. he said he was going to be on vacation, but now he is expected to make a nomination or reportedly about to nominate chairman ben bernanke to a second term and that's what you're looking at now. it's 8:46 and we're waing for the president to take to the podium to make that announcement from marg's vineyard. >> they took the presidential podium with them. the word was the president won't do too much this week
8:47 am
except focus on vacation. we saw a video of him at -- at a golf course a short time ago, but apparently this is important to him. dow futures jumped a little bit. they had been up about 20 points before it came down this would happen. now they're up about 60 points. so not a significant jump that point and it's still futures. we're still before the opening bell. >> and ben bernanke, first put into office by former president george w. bush and the president earlier reports coming out and saying that he has done a good job with dealing with this current financial crisis and he hopes to contie that up swing in the economy and hopehe will take on this the -- as the fed reserve chairman. but indeed, as we heard doug luzader say, he will face tough questions because he was also
8:48 am
the man at the helm when we began this financial recession. so we'll wait and see what happens with the nomination -- the confirmation process. >> critics are quick to point that one out. we've been showing you the podium because he expected the president to step out but that's been delayed. so we'll step away and take a quick break and catch up with him when we come back. it's 8:47. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings.
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8:52 am
nobody knows that better than laura dowling who is a fantastic floral designer. she goes to france about twice a year? >> to study flowers. >> reporter: those are good credentials. so i'm a person that loves to embellish and that's what we're talking about this morning here now. >> these bouquetsre all about the embellishment, how you can take simple farmer markets materials and take every day items and turn them into special bouquets. these have leftover ribbons that i just fashioned into cab only roses and blues them on to the face. this one from the garden, take mag yellia leaves and roll them into cylinders and this could go into fall. >> reporter: and i love this one. when you talk about the ribbons on the bottom, because i always have lots of leftover ribbons from gift wrapping. that's a perfect thing to do.
8:53 am
what else do we have? >> the ap apricot around the base and then put in this summer flowers, hydrangeas, roses. this is the sea shell bouquet. >> reporter: this is the beach vacation we can't get to go onch and then this one is breathtaking. tell me about that. >> the concept is a vineyard theme, so picking leftover or collection of wine works and making those into garland and wrapping them around a vase with wrapping for texture. >> reporter: i want to go to the house that had all of these corks because they have good parties. and let's come over here because laura will show us how to do some of this stuff. we've shown some of her wonderful creations there. so what do we have going on? >> here is how you embellish a vase. you take a glass vase and put a rubber band around it.
8:54 am
and you can get started op that with a eucalyptus. and one goes up and then to have this one go the other way. and you'll do that all the way around the base. and this would be fantastic for a bouquet of hide rangeias and very summery. >> reporter: and a lot of times if you have a plain glass vase sent to you from the florist, this is a gret thing to keep them and you can make them special. >> this is a way to make it look natural. and then next i'll show you how we took the fruit bouquet and embellished it with ribbons. so just taking in orange and wrapping ribbon around and put pins here, put this on a stake, a wood pick, and put that right into the bouquet and it just gives more of a pattern, makes it fancier. >> reporter: gives it more texture. >> and more color and interest and everything. and then another simple
8:55 am
decoration idea is to take fruit like a lemon and a queuer and you can add flowers. >> reporter: wonderful. thank you for your ideas. we have ideas on our website, so check it out and transport you guys. >> thank you, holly. i'm impressed by that. >> i like the dried apricots. we're going to head back up to martha's vineyard and the presidential podium which at some point in the very near future will feature the president as we're hearing word that he will step to the podium momentarily and he's expected to announce that ben bernanke will stay on for another term. he came on board during the george w. bush administration and apparently the president feels he's done a good just job to keep him on board. >> good morning, everybody. i apologize for interrupting threlaxing that i told all of
8:56 am
you to do. but i have an important announcement to make concerning the federal reserve. the man next to me, ben bernanke, has led the fed through one of the worst financial crises that this nation has ever faced. on an expert of the causes of the great depression, i'm sure ben never imagined he would be part of a team responsible for preventing anotherch but because of his background and temperment and his courage and creativity, that's what he has helped to achieve. and that's why i'm reappointing him to another term as chairman of the federal reserve. i've been approached, financial system, with patient and bold thinking that has put the brakes on our economic freefall. and almost none of the decisions that he or any of us made have been easy. the actions we've taken to stabilize our financial system, to repair our credit markets,
8:57 am
restructure our auto industry and pass a recovery package have all been steps of necessity, not choice. they face plenty of critics, some of whom argued that we should stay the course or do nothing at all. but taken together, this bold persistent experimentation has brought our economy back from the brink. there are steps that are working. our recovery plan has put tax cuts if pep's pockets, extended health care and unemployment insurance for those who have born the brunt of this recession and has continued to save jobs that would have otherwise been lost. our auto industry is showing signs of life. business investment is showing signs of stabilizing. our housing and credit marks have been saved from collapse. of course, as i've said before, we are along way away from completely healthy financial systems and a full economic recovery and i will not let up
8:58 am
until those americans looking for jobs can find them, until qualified businesses large and small who need capital to grow can find loans at a rate they aafford and and all all responsible mortgage owners can stay in their homes and that's why we need ben bernanke to keep doing what he's doing and we can not go back to an economy placed on over leveraged accounts and maxed out credit cards. even as we've taken out financial stepsto rescuour economy, we must work to rebuilda new foundation for growth and prosperity. we have to build an economy that works for every american and one that leads the world in innovation, and in investments and in experts -- exports. part of that foundation has to be a financial regulatory system that ensures we never face a crisis like this again. we've seen how lax enforcement and weak regulation can lead to enormous wealth for a few and enormous pain for everybody else and that's why even though
8:59 am
there is some resistance on ll street for those who would prefer to keep things the way they are, we will pass the reforms necessary to protect consumers, investors and the entire financial system. and we will continue to maintain a strong and independent federal reserve. we will also keep working towards the reform of a health insurance system whose costs in discriminatory practices are bankrupting our country. and we'll give our children and our workers its skills and training they need to complete the jobs in the 21st century. and much like the decisions we've made so far, the steps we take to build this new foundation will not be easy. change never is. as ben and i both know, it comes from debate and disagreement and resistance from those who prefer the status quo. and that's all right. because that's how democracy is supposed it wor

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